Suzdal, Russia Postcards

On February 6, 2019 in Belgorod Business Library there was an opening of the personal art exhibition of Alex Markovich (author, artist). More than 30 original postcards of Suzdal, Russia were presented at the show.

Alex Markovich in his interview on “Radio of Russia”:

The exhibition is dedicated to my project SUZDAL.TRAVEL.BLOG, which was launched on February 5, 2019. I’ve been blogging for 10 years and decided to create a separate blog on a single Russian town. Why Suzdal? I’ve been to Suzdal several times with my artist-friends; we went there for plein air painting sessions. Suzdal is one of the most famous towns of the Golden Rings of Russia theme route, and I’ve got much art material on Suzdal.

I’ve been creating postcards with my paintings and photos since 2014. The postcards presented at the exhibition, show picturesque places of Suzdal. These are not typical tourist postcards. Some pictures were taken through a bus window, some at museums and monasteries. The exhibition will last till March 10, 2019; at the end of the show all the postcards will be sent to various parts of the world, mainly to my SUZDAL.TRAVEL.BLOG followers.

10 thoughts on “Suzdal, Russia Postcards

  1. Nice postcards. 😁 I do collect and swap postcards with my snail mail penpals, by the way. If interested, email me, please. Cheers from Portugal. 🇵🇹😁

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